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 ‘Making it happen with a successful Return-To-Work support strategy' 

Return-To-Work Support Strategy Consulting

Returning to work after becoming a parent can be challenging, with 85% of women leaving within three years of childbirth.


At Coach & Consult, we empower parents with the support they need for a successful return. Our services are inclusive of all parents, not just moms, recogniSing that 62% of the workforce takes career breaks.


We provide end-to-end support, from recruitment to coaching, fostering a coaching culture within your company.

By partnering with us, you will:

  • Reduce talent loss

  • Lower recruitment & staff turnover costs 

  • Build loyalty

  • Enhance communication

  • Boost engagement, and

  • Promote inclusivity and

  • Improve & promote well-being

We align expectations and boundaries to ensure a harmonious workplace.


Let us help you create a thriving and inclusive workplace for all parents, ensuring your company’s success.

Return-To-Work & Career Coaching  

At Coach & Consult, we offer specialised Return-to-Work and Career Coaching to enhance employee support before, during, and after career breaks and life-changing moments.


Our tailored approach ensures a proactive and strong employee-employer relationship, particularly during and after parental leave.

Our coaching services include:


  • Personalised Guidance: We customise each coaching package to meet the unique needs of both the parent and the company, ensuring a precise fit for success

  • Seamless Transitions: We facilitate smooth returns to work, minimising disruptions and maximising employee confidence

  • Retention and Engagement: By investing in our coaching, companies improve employee retention, boost engagement, and foster loyalty

  • Inclusive Culture: Our coaching reinforces inclusivity and well-being in the workplace, promoting a supportive atmosphere for all.

With Coaching Consult, you’re not just investing in coaching; you’re investing in the future success of your employees and your company.


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