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 ‘Making it happen with a successful Return-To-Work & Career support strategy' 

Our coaching services

We specialise in comprehensive return to work and career coaching designed to support individuals and organisations through pivotal career moments. Our tailored coaching programs include:

Return to Work Coaching

For Career Breaks/ Parental leave

Personalised coaching for individuals before, during, and after career breaks, such as parental leave. Ensuring a smooth transition back into the workforce.

For Life Transitions

For those navigating significant life events that impact their work life. We help employees manage these transitions with compassion and practical strategies.

Career Coaching

Offering support for all aspects of career development. We assist with goal setting, skill enhancement, and navigating career changes to achieve professional growth and satisfaction.

Outplacement Coaching


Redundancy Support

Our outplacement coaching provides crucial support for individuals undergoing redundancy. Practical and emotional assistance to help employees manage this transition, find new opportunities, and move forward confidently.

Return-To-Work & Career Coaching  

At Coach & Consult, we offer specialised Return-to-Work & Career Coaching to enhance employee support before, during, and after career breaks and life-changing moments.


Our tailored approach ensures a proactive and strong employee-employer relationship, particularly during and after parental leave.

Our coaching services include:


  • Personalised Guidance: We customise each coaching package to meet the unique needs of both the parent and the company, ensuring a precise fit for success

  • Seamless Transitions: We facilitate smooth returns to work and outplacements minimising disruptions and maximising employee confidence

  • Retention and Engagement: By investing in our coaching, companies improve employee retention, boost engagement, and foster loyalty

  • Inclusive Culture: Our coaching reinforces inclusivity and well-being in the workplace, promoting a supportive atmosphere for all.

With Coach & Consult, you’re not just investing in coaching; you’re investing in the future success of your employees and your company.


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